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Sun is a resolute photographer whose approach can be described as vivid, minimalist and full of detail.  His work is divided between food and still life, and brought together with the graphic nature of his composition and lighting.
Collaborating with some of the most prominent brands in the world, Sun is known for precision and meticulousness in his craft, and is often sought for challenging briefs that require a creative yet methodical solution to a complex idea.
Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Sun prefers his native Vegemite over the readily available Marmite on toast, but in a fix will settle for most spreads, savoury or sweet.
Sun currently shares a space in East London where he has found that the English climate is perfectly suited to studio photography.


Advertising:  Amazon, AUDI, Cadbury’s, Deliveroo, Google, Green & Blacks, Home Depot, Huawei, John Lewis, Just Eat, Lululemon, Nando’s, Nike, Oreo, PMI, Sainsbury's, Vollebak

Editorial:  Audi Magazine, British GQ, Esquire, McLaren Project Magazine, Men’s Health, Shortlist, Sunday Times, Watches Of Switzerland, WIRED, Waitrose Health

Selected Clients

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