Born in Australia in 1977, Sun discovered photography after eyeing his father's Voigtlander SLR in a cupboard.  He went on to study Applied Photography and assisted advertising photographers in Melbourne before moving to the UK in 2004 to expand his horizons and see the world.  He currently shares a studio in East London where he has found that the English climate is much better suited to still life photography .


Clients include:

WIRED UK, British GQ, Mens Health, Audi Magazine, Onelife Magazine

Audi, Cadburys, iRobot, John Lewis, Nike, Sainsbury's, Samsung, Seiko, 

Overall winner of the AOP Assistant Awards (2010)
Best in Category, AOP Assistant Awards 2010 Environmental Single 
Place AOP Assistant Awards 2010, Object Single

Nominee 3rd Photography Masters Cup (Nature)
Nominee 2nd Photography Masters Cup (Still Life)

Place AOP Assistant Awards 2007, Still Life Single